Most travelers who are looking to meet trans women in Asia have heard of Jakarta as a destination. This lively, vibrant city has many fun, exciting bars, clubs, pubs, and lounges. If you want to come to Jakarta on vacation or live here as an expatriate, there are some good ways to meet ladyboys.

The most effective way is via dating sites like My Transsexual Date and Indonesian Cupid, the biggest online dating site in Indonesia. A lot of trans women have profiles on this site, while My Transsexual Date targets only this community and its fans. Most users are looking to meet American or European men because they are more tolerant and open. Indonesia is relatively homophobic and not the most trans-friendly of destinations. However, the people in the capital are relatively accepting.

A perk of sites like Indonesian Cupid is that you can set up a date even before you’ve arrived in Jakarta. Most of the trans women on the site are fluent in English. There is little competition from local men, who tend not to use this site.

It is a pleasure to meet and get to know ladyboys in Jakarta. However, it’s not easy. Most trans singles are invisible, hiding their identities. The Muslim country has restrictive and strict laws. Trans people can even be arrested if they are open about who they are.

There are some trans-friendly clubs, pubs, and lounges in Jakarta, but it’s best to meet people online.  Many trans people work in beauty parlors and in the local entertainment industry as singers or actors. Yet, the vulnerability of transgender groups is a result of the visibility of their gender identity and expression, making them more identifiable to the public and society at large. Often, trans people are evicted from their homes. They lose not only housing but also the support of friends and family.

The positive aspect for ladyboys in Indonesia is that they are allowed to change their gender officially following sex reassignment surgery. They can also marry a member of the same biological sex and change their documents to reflect their true gender.